My Nessus Viewer

My Nessus Viewer

I say my Nessus viewer because Nessus parsing scripts are one of the rites of passage for any pentester.

If you've been using Nessus for long enough then you'll remember the NBE format. NBE was a lovely little pipe delimited format that I never had the misfortune to work with. I started out hating the HTML format and working with the first version of the XML output. Version one of the XML format was the worst kind of XML - closer to HTML than something useful. A lot more human readable than machine readable, and machine readable is what you wanted.

The reason you wanted a machine readable format is because of Nessus's dirty little secret: it's not for pentesters. The secret begins to reveal itself the more you actually use Nessus. Pentesters do not need global profiles; we want per-project profiles. We do not need all our reports stored in one place; we want them separate and stored along with all of our other output from the test. And in the vast, vast, majority of cases, we do not want things reported host by host. Most pentest reports will list the things found and the hosts that are affected by the thing.

That final point is why you want machine readable formats. And it's also why all pentesters must, at some point, write a Nessus parsing script. This one is mine.

It represents my first attempt at GUI programming; it's a little simple but it does two things: shows your results by issue, rather than by host, and merges multiple reports into one.

If you have any differences in the output then these will be shown in a "Diffs" tab. It's an ugly format but gets the job done.

There are also a couple of output formats as well: reStructured Text, CSV and XML. The XML format is used internally, so is not that useful for others.

Here's what you get when you run it:

Nothing to see here

Here's what you get when you load up a Nessus file:

Metasploitable scan

If I load up the same scan again and hit the "merge" button the results get combined:

Metasploitable scan

It is not code that I'm super happy with but I works well enough and others have found it useful, so check it out on Github.